Binge Drinking and Metabolic Syndrome

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Korean J Fam Med. 2014;35(5):261-261
Publication date (electronic) : 2014 September 24
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Department of Medical Science, Medical Center, Shantou, China.
1Department of Tropical Medicine, Hainan Medical University, Haikou, China.
Corresponding Author: Sim Sai Tin. Tel: +86648286000,

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We would like to discuss the topic 'binge drinking and metabolic syndrome.'1) Im et al.1) noted for "a positive relationship between frequency of binge drinking and metabolic syndrome in adult men." In an animal model study, the effect of binge drinking on insulin metabolism can be seen. Lindtner et al.2) reported that "binge drinking induces systemic insulin resistance by impairing hypothalamic insulin action and that this effect can be prevented by inhibition of brain protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B." However, an important consideration of the present report by Im et al.1) is the confounding factor that can lead to the problem of metabolic syndrome. The drinker usually demonstrates other concomitant risk behaviors such as smoking,3) hence, it is difficult to conclude the effect of binge drinking without consideration of other factors. Finally, it should be noted that measurement of "binge drinking" should be discussed. Normally, the problem of reliability and accuracy of determination is common. Matano et al.4) noted that "accurate methods for assessing binge drinking appear to be by directly asking for the largest number of drinks consumed in a single drinking session."

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