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Journal of the Korean Academy of Family Medicine 1991;12(10):1-12.
Published online October 1, 1991.
A study of the factors influencing the compliance of hypertensivepatients to therapy.
Nam Hyeon Choi, Ki Hong Kim, Jong Tae Choi, Ki Soon Kim
고혈압 환자의 순응도에 영향을 미치는 요인에 대한 연구
최남현, 김홍기, 이혜리, 김기순
전주예수병원 가정의학과
The treatment of hypertension aims at preventing cerebrovascular complication from developing and at decreasing the death rate by the complication. Whether the treatment will be successful or not depends upon the compliance of the patient. So the writers of this paper sorted the 240 people out of the patients of hypertension who were registered to be treated for 5 years in Kosan clinic which is an attached organization of P.M.C. And we researched their compliance for the treatment of hypertension, various factors affecting it and the reasons of noncompliance. The results were as follows:
1. Out of 240 patients there were 56 men(23.3%) & 184 women(76.6%). The average age of them was 63.5.
2. On the compliance to therapy, there were 89 compliant people(37.1%) & 151 non-compliant people(62.9%) in the first half year after the registration, 79 compliants(32.9%) & 161 noncompliants(67.1%) after one year four years, 18 compliants(35.3%) & 33 noncompliants(64.7%) after five years.
3. According to results of discriminant analysis to find out the factors influencing the compliance & discriminant power, the most powerful variable of discrimination was the knowledge of the prognosis for the therapy. The second powerful variable was the knowledge of the reason of the therapy, and the next, previous history of the therapy, the period of disease, occupation, and obesity. The percent of "grouped" cases correcting classified by the discriminant analysis was 70.8%.
4. In the reason of noncompliance, 35 people(21.9%) answered "because we are busy", 27 people(16.9%) answered "because we are taking medication from another clinic", 25 people(16.4%) "because we don't think it necessary to be treated", 15 people(9.4%), "because we think we've become well after the therpy from the point of view that we have had normalized blood pressure". Broadly speaking, the reason of noncompliance by health provider occupied 53.0%, those of it by health acceptors did 29.5% and those of it by the socioeconomic factos did 17.5%.


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